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OpenFGA LogoRelationship-based access control made fast, scalable, and easy to use.

OpenFGA is an open-source authorization solution that allows developers to build granular access control using an easy-to-read modeling language and friendly APIs.

Quick Start

Trying OpenFGA is as easy as...

Run the following snippet in a terminal in an environment with Docker installed:

docker pull openfga/openfga && \
docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 \
-p 3000:3000 openfga/openfga run

OpenFGA will be running at localhost:8080 on your machine. Learn about other options and next steps in the project or Getting Started guides.

Learn how to use sample authorization models and create your own with the project’s extensive documentation.


Model any authorization system

OpenFGA takes the best ideas from Google's Zanzibar paper for Relationship-Based Access Control, and also solves problems for Role-based Access Control and Attribute-Based Access Control use cases. The modeling language is powerful enough for engineers, but friendly enough for other stakeholders on your team as well.

Works with your code

SDKs for the most popular languages have already been written, making it easy to integrate and grow alongside your applications. OpenFGA also makes it trivial to contribute new SDKs to support your project's language.

Blazing fast

OpenFGA is designed to answer authorization check calls in milliseconds, which lets it scale with projects of any size. It works just as well for small startups and hobby programmers building single applications as it does for enterprise companies building platforms on a global scale.

Built in the open

Transparency and peer review are important for building secure, stable, and sustainable software. OpenFGA's RFC process and governance model invite anyone to become a contributor, and collaboratively develop the public roadmap. Come create the next standard for authorization with us!

CNCF Sandbox Project

We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.

Get Involved

Join OpenFGA's active Slack and GitHub community, check out existing RFCs to understand where the project is headed, and learn more about how to take part by reading our

Learn how to get involved →

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