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The following will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get started with OpenFGA.

When to use

This section is useful if you understand the basic concepts of OpenFGA, and want to learn how to get started.


Setup OpenFGA

How to setup an OpenFGA server.

Install SDK Client

Install the SDK for the language of your choice.

Create a Store

Creating an OpenFGA entity that owns an authorization model and relationship tuples.

Setup SDK Client for Store

Configure the SDK client for your store.

Configure Authorization Model

Programmatically configure authorization model for an OpenFGA store.

Update Relationship Tuples

Programmatically write authorization data to an OpenFGA store.

Perform a Check

Programmatically perform an authorization check against an OpenFGA store.

Perform a List Objects Request

Programmatically perform a list objects request against an OpenFGA store.

Integrate Within a Framework

Integrate authorization checks with a framework.

Immutable Authorization Models

Learn how to take advantage of the immutable properties of Authorization Models in OpenFGA.

Production Best Practices

Best Practices of Running OpenFGA in Production Environment.

Implementation Best Practices

Best Practices of Managing Tuples and Invoking OpenFGA APIs.