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Fine Grained News - January 2024

· 4 min read
Andres Aguiar
Product Manager

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Fine Grained News!

Team News

The OpenFGA team got bigger, and we met in person in Toronto for the first time! We got to know each other better, helped new team members to get familiar with the project, hacked some code, had some fun with ax throwing, and loved Toronto's weather!

OpenFGA Team

KubeCon Europe 2024!

We got two presentations accepted in KubeCon Europe!

We'll also have a Project Kiosk, so if you plan to attend let us know and we can schedule some time together!

OpenFGA ⚡️Enlightning Session!

Our own Raghd Hamzeh will join Whitney Lee in a Tanzu ⚡️Enlightning session on February 8th at 9am PT.

Join their Youtube stream here.

Visual Studio Code Integration Enhancements

We keep investing in improving our VS Code experience. The video below shows how, in addition to validating the model, we can validate the tuple content and the tests.

We are identifying:

  • Invalid object types, user types, and relations when defining tuples.
  • Invalid object types, user types, and relations when defining tests.
  • User id or object id that was not included in any tuple in check tests.

This helps authoring/testing models, making the whole process less error prone and more fun!

VS Code

CLI improvements

We love the FGA CLI and we keep making it even better.

We had a few of contributions from new team members and the community :).

  • You can now import tuples from a CSV file. We supported JSON/YAML, but if you are exporting data from a database, producing to CSV is way simpler.
  • You can take a .fga.yaml file with a model and tuples, and get it imported in OpenFGA.
  • Added support for specifying an external tuple_file in .fga.yaml files.
  • Added support for specifying a continuation_token when calling fga tuple changes.
  • Support for configuring OAuth scopes to authenticate to OIDC servers.

Check the updated documentation in our CLI repository

Thanks to Yann D'Isanto for all your help on this!

OpenFGA v1.4.3

We just shipped OpenFGA v1.4.3, with performance improvements and one security issue fixed. We recommend everyone to upgrade to the latest release.

SDK Improvements

New releases with bug fixes and improvements:

Thanks again to Yann D'Isanto for your help on the Java SDK!

Language Improvements

The DSL language now has better support for comments and mixed operator support, where you can use parentheses to group expressions when defining relations:

DSL improvements

It's available in the VS Code extension, the CLI and the Playground.

Github Actions

We shipped a couple of Github Actions that help you deploy FGA models, and run model tests as part of your CI/CD build. Find them here.

What's Next? Check our RFCs!

We've been discussing with the OpenFGA community a couple of RFCs that we are planning to implement in the next few weeks:

Please take a look at them and let us know what you think!

OpenFGA Community

We have a very welcoming community, and we'd love to have you there! You can join us in different ways:

See you next month!

Fine Grained News are published every month, after the OpenFGA community meeting. If you have any feedback, you want to share your OpenFGA story, or know about something that you think is worth mentioning, please let us know!