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List Users API

· 2 min read

Today we are launching a new API for OpenFGA: ListUsers.

This API will answer the question "what users have relation X with object Y?". This will be useful, for example, in UIs that want to display the list of users that a resource has been shared with, e.g. the "share" dialog in Google Docs.

You can read more about it in the API docs and the product documentation.

How to use it?

ListUsers is available in OpenFGA starting with v1.5.4.

To be able to call this API, you must turn on this flag on the server: --experimentals enable-list-users. Be sure to also check out the various configuration flags that were added to control its behavior.

The new functionality is available on the latest versions of the Java, .NET, Go and Javascript SDK, CLI and VS Code integration.

We'll be releasing support for the Python SDK soon.

What's next?

We have a limitation we are working on regarding the behavior of the excluded_users return value that we'll address before removing the experimental flag.

We want your feedback!

We want to learn how you use this API and how we can improve it!

Please reach out through our community channels with any questions or feedback.