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Fine Grained News - April 2024

· 2 min read
Andres Aguiar
Product Manager

Welcome to Fine Grained News, April edition!

New Releases!

  • Modular Models is now part of the OpenFGA core, making it easy for multiple teams to collaborate on a single OpenFGA model. Check it out, we love the feature! :)

  • Thanks to the help provided by the Spring Security team there's now a Spring Boot Starter for OpenFGA!

  • We shipped an OpenFGA Release Candidate with a new ListUsers API, that can be enabled with an experimental flag. ListUsers allows you to retrieve all the users that have a specific relation with a resource, for example, all users that can view a document.

OpenFGA Hackathon

A few weeks ago we hosted a Hackathon where multiple team members experimented new ideas around OpenFGA. You'll need to wait until the next community meeting to learn more :).

OpenFGA Security Assessment

We are working with the CNCF Tag-Security team on a joint security assessment, which is a step required to get accepted as a CNCF Incubation project.

What's Next

Please check the items above and let us know if you have any feedback or idea.

Transitioning from Discord to CNCF's Slack

As we mentioned in the last edition, we transitioned out from Discord for OpenFGA and are now using the CNCF #openfga Slack channel. If you are not part of the CNCF Slack workspace, you need to join the CNCF Slack first.

See you next month!

Fine Grained News are published every month. If you have any feedback, want to share your OpenFGA story, or know about something that you think is worth mentioning, please let us know!