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Fine Grained News - March 2024

· 3 min read
Andres Aguiar
Product Manager

Welcome to Fine Grained News, KubeCon Edition!

KubeCon Europe 2024 was super-busy!

You can now watch online:

Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by the OpenFGA Kiosk in the Project Pavilion to share their feedback about the project or learn more about it!

CNCF incubation

As you may know, the CNCF has three stages for projects: Sandbox, Incubation, and Graduation. OpenFGA is currently a Sandbox project.

We are very happy to announce that we just applied for Incubation! We are excited about this step and will keep you posted on the progress.

New Adopters

The OpenFGA community maintains a list of products/projects/companies that are using OpenFGA in production. We'd like to thank thank the following adopters for adding themselves to the list in the last month:

If you are using OpenFGA in production, please consider adding your company/project to the list.

Community News

New Releases

We just shipped a release candidate of Modular Models, that makes it easy for multiple teams to collaborate in a single OpenFGA model. It requires the following components:

We also shipped new version of our SDKs with several fixes:

Transitioning from Discord to CNCF's Slack

As we mentioned in the last edition, we transitioned out from Discord for OpenFGA and are now using the CNCF #openfga Slack channel. If you are not part of the CNCF Slack workspace, you need to join the CNCF Slack first.

See you next month!

Fine Grained News are published every month. If you have any feedback, want to share your OpenFGA story, or know about something that you think is worth mentioning, please let us know!