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Fine Grained News - February 2024

· 3 min read
Andres Aguiar
Product Manager

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Fine Grained News!

KubeCon Europe 2024 is getting closer!

We'll be pretty busy during KubeCon Europe 2024:

We'll also have a kiosk in the CNCF Project Pavilion, so if you plan to attend let us know and we can schedule some time together!

Documentation Improvements

We keep improving our documentation, and added a few new documents that you might find interesting:

  • Learn how to use the FGA CLI to perform every possible operation on OpenFGA and simplify most common workflows.

  • Learn how you can test FGA models as part of your development flow or CI/CD pipelines, without the need to run an OpenFGA server.

  • Learn how you can include identity token claims contextual tuples to model ABAC-like scenarios or simplify data integrations with OpenFGA.

OpenFGA in the Java Ecosystem

OpenFGA is getting bigger on the Java world! We are working with the Spring Security team to build an Spring Security integration for OpenFGA. You can check the ideas we are exploring in this repository.

Also, the Testcontainers team added an OpenFGA integration for Java to make it simple to write integration tests for applications using OpenFGA.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

SDK Improvements

New releases with bug fixes and improvements:

Modular Models

We wrapped up the RFC for Modular Models, which will enable multiple teams to work on different parts of the model independently and we are now working on the implementation. We'd love feedback on the RFC.

Wait for a demo on our next Community Meeting!

Community News

Transitioning from Discord to CNCF's Slack

As you may know, we've been using Discord for the OpenFGA community. We’ll transition it to the CNCF OpenFGA Slack channel. If you are not part of the CNCF Slack workspace, you need to join the CNCF Slack first.

See you next month!

Fine Grained News are published every month, after the OpenFGA community meeting. If you have any feedback, you want to share your OpenFGA story, or know about something that you think is worth mentioning, please let us know!